On Dec 21, 2007, at 10:18 AM, David Pratt wrote:
I really would like to see a two stage buildout that does the python construction with a python.cfg and then the main buildout with buildout.cfg file as part of the standard fare. I'm trying a few things today to see if a simple event class and callback can be used to create the python first and have the callback's handler run the main buildout as an experiment.

In other words you want to build two products with one buildout.
Python is a language your product depends on. It does not need to be a part of your product as the C language and libc are not part of the Python.

As I mentioned in the previous post in this thread one can get the same development and production environments by properly packing clean python and their product(s). The added advantage is that N products can use the same clean python instead of having it deployed N times as a part of their buildout.

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