I am a bit curious about the behavior of the tagcount when tagging with lovely.tag. Here is a snip from my doctest:

Nothing initially
    >>> sorted(e.getCloud(users=[u'barney']))

Update tags for barney
    >>> e.update(1000, u'barney', [u'foo'])
    >>> e.update(1000, u'barney', [u'foo', u'bar'])

Print them
    >>> sorted(e.getCloud(items=(1000,), users=(u'barney',)))
    [(u'bar', 1), (u'foo', 2)]

Update and print again:
    >>> e.update(1000, u'barney', [u'eggs'])
    >>> sorted(e.getCloud(items=(1000,), users=(u'barney',)))
    [(u'eggs', 1)]

My first thing i notice is that there is no concept of 'updating' a users tags on an object in the sense that first you add a tag then later you add another tag with the old one being untouched (the tag count for the old one not being incremented every time i update!). Is there a special reason for this philosophy? It seems like the update function is made for "tag once" kind of behavior instead 'tag several times, on different occasions'. I could add my own update function but I'd like to hear some opinions first.


and marry xmas :)
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