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Hi everybody,

Hi Mikhail,

Key Solutions (http://keysolutions.ru/) and Hivurt team (http://
hivurt.org/) proud to announce first public release of our Zope3-
based content management system.
Requirements (You need to have before installing Hivurt)

   * Zope 3.3.x (3.4.x untested)
   * PostgreSQL 8.2
   * Python 2.4.4 with psycopg2 and json libs
   * Tested on Mac OS X and Linux (Ubunty and ALTLiniux)

This looks really interresting. Especially as you are already using it on customer projects.

I just wonder about the Postgres dependency. Why did you choose to have that? I think that one of the beauties of Zope is that you don't need to install an rdbms.

I agree that being able to seamlessly use an rdbms is a good feature, but I do belive that it should be optional.

I have several development machines for different purposes, and having to install Postgres on them is a bit of a bother, as I don't intend to use relational storage before I absolutely have to.


hilsen/regards Max M, Denmark

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