Hi, dear all,

The scenario:
I have a  folder "MyFolder" created under the root folder of zope3 and make it 
a site manager.
I want to have a different "index.html" page under MyFolder so that folders 
under MyFolder look different from the root folder. (It's a common folder and I 
dont want to make a specail type)
I guess a local adapter may help.
While a local utility could be easily made by clicking "Registration" tab,
I cannot find anything available for local adapter registration through the

I know the local adapter registration API:
e.g. "sm.registerAdapter(FileSize, [IFile])"
It seems to be invoked in runtime. But I don't know where to place it?
I think it should be invoked once during startup and should not be invoked 
everytime I use the adapter.

Thank you!

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