I have the following scenario here (somehow similar to hard links on a UNIX 

- Users should be able to create documents (then they are owners)
- Users may grant ownership of their document to other users
- Users may abandon their document (no owner)
- Documents, who have no owner, are deleted
- Users may list 

My question is: How would I store these documents in the ZODB? If I create a 
container object for each user and store the document there, how would then 
other users get a "link" to their own folder? Moreover, what happens if the 
original owner abandons the document?

If I have one huge container that holds all documents, how would then list 
users their documents?

The other issue is how to set up permissions on these objects, would I e.g. 
store the owners along with the object (e.g. as an object attribute)?

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