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I want to allow the user to create car and driver objects in a limoService container. Car objects will stand alone, but each driver object should contain a car object by reference (not by value) and the driver add form should allow the user to choose which car the new driver object will have. Should IDriver's car attribute be a schema.Object or a schema.Choice?
Have a look at the package zc.relation and for a simple use of zc.relation use lovely.relation which provides relation properties for your objects.

What is zc.relation compared to zc.relationship?

zc.relation is zc.relationship NG. I have not released it yet. When I do, I'll also release a zc.relationship that is a wrapper of zc.relation.

zc.relation has MUCH fewer dependencies, so it is more of a ZODB tool rather than a Zope tool; doesn't have the more user-friendly bits like the relationship container; and has some new features like transitive indexes that you can hook up.

I have not released it because there a few features I want to test better (the new ``copy`` method in particular) and because I have been busy with other things.

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