Nando Quintana wrote:


Then I've tried to eggify this zope project:

# cd MyProjec
# python sdist

The problem is that this action doesn't include the zcml files:

Either include a MANIFEST file or make the egg from a subversion/cvs
checkout. The former tells explicitly what to include the latter
implicitly (everything that's under version control basically).
This is documented on PEAK's setup tools site.


Then, if a user installs this egg, gets start script "myproject-ctl"
installed. Which is the list of thing he need to install?
create a zope instance? write a custom zdaemon.comf, deploy.ini,
zope.conf, site.zml?

I'd suggest to look at buildout if you want to support
such things as well.

Some general instructions would be very appreciated...



Thanks in advance,


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