On Monday 17 December 2007, David Pratt wrote:
> Hi. Is there solution for create a single quoted attribute using
> tal:attributes containing literal double quoted items. I am using a
> python method for generating the string. I understand structure will
> unquote but it does not work with an attribute.

Well, attributes must always be quoted based on the XML spec, right. Otherwise 
TAL could produce invalid XML. What does the spec actually say about this?

> I see there is a new 
> z3c.tal package based on lxml.  Will I have to go as far as customizing
> tal to do this? I realize this may be best on the zpt list but it it
> rarely if ever used these days. Many thanks.

Well, if the XML specification allows for your output, we could consider it 
not working this way a bug. However, it would make the code much more 
complicated, I think (unless we support structure as well in this case).

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