Hi all,

I have reworked the FAQ by:

  o splitting the page into smaller bits.
  o fixing the wording of the question headers
  o correcting a few typos.

Please review the changes at: http://wiki.zope.org/zope3/FAQReworked 
and let me know if the new pages look reasonable. I have kept the older
FAQ around - if I don't hear from anyone in the next couple of days,
I'll assume that it's ok to replace the old with the new.


Stephan Richter writes:
 > On Monday 10 December 2007, Roy Mathew wrote:
 > > Now that the zope3 wiki has grown from an afterthought, to a
 > > signifcantly useful body of knowledge, I'd like to make the following
 > > proposal:
 > >
 > >  o split the wiki into smaller bits.
 > >  o rework the introduction slightly.
 > >  o fix the question headers
 > >  o start writing small HOWTOs (like the grok mini-HOWTOs).
 > >
 > > I am happy to help with any and all of the above. What do you think?
 > I think that the people that recently worked on the Wiki did a fine job. I 
 > just browsed through it the past two days and the story is nice. There are a 
 > few things that I would have done differently, but it is not major.,
 > Since you mentioned in a follow-up E-mail that you meant the FAQ, I had a 
 > quick look. I have to agree, it is huge. That's great! :-) But that also 
 > means we have to provide a new approach for presentation. I agree with all 
 > your points. I think the most important part would be to split the FAQ into 
 > themed sections, such as "UI Development", "Organization", "Development 
 > Process", etc.
 > Regards,
 > Stephan
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 > Stephan Richter
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