im new to zope, but i read the 2 books (not everything but very much). im 
developing a tree-like structure that i want to use throughout my project to 
store tag-information in it. every node should store some tags, that are 
extensible by the users by adding new tags as they tag their content they want 
to upload.

the intension of this tree is supporting the content tagging user with aleady 
used tags for this content.

i chose the tree structure because it has some context sensitive advantages for 

the class-structure behind it is ready and now i dont know how to proceed with 
zope. what i need is a textfield, that is associated with some node of the 
tree. the textfield will use the ajax-script to display a dynamicly generated 
list of similar words as the user types in his letters. the words that can be 
similar should come from the node of some tree, that the textfield is 
associated with.

like when you type a url in the firefox browser it supports you with the urls 
that where already used.

and like in firefox, when you enter a new url, it is added to the 
already-used-urls-list, i need the same thing with my textfield. so this 
textfield is not an add-view or something, because it adds only when the tag is 
new to the database. the other times its just about selecting some tag and 
associate it with the content.

and in some cases, i want the textfield to only be a selectable one, where the 
user isnt allowed to add new tags to the database.

i dont know how to start. :( i read the 2 books up and down and search the 
internet sources for hints, but i dont get a clue for sure. i can see some 
ways, but i dont know if they are the right ones. i think i will have to 
implement a new schema, but then i will have to associate it with the right 
node-instance of the right tree... and then my imagination already stops. i 
just cant clue the pieces to a whole. if you could give me some hints i would 
really appreciate that.

just write me, make a schema, for parent class take this one, give it some 
attribute for the treenode, write a widget for it... maybe i will need an 
utility?? maybe i can or should use some of the utilities that come with the 
vocabulary? u see, i dont have a view on the thing as a whole, just pieces and 
i dont know how to glue them together.

greetings, garz
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