On Tue, Feb 05, 2008 at 02:41:56PM +0100, Jeremy Cook wrote:
> I have been struggling to understand why my zope3 site has a high
> latency (ie initial response time is slow). Bandwidth seems to be
> adequate, it just seems that it can take several seconds from clicking
> on a link, to actually seeing that my server is awake and responding.
> The server has no load or anything on it. I even started ZEO but see
> little improvement.

Usually the first request is slower than the rest because the ZODB
object caches are empty and it has to load everything from disk (or

> The strange thing is that when I click a link in 2 browsers on 2
> different hosts at the same time (right hand on desktop, lefthand on
> laptop) I seem to get a faster response from both. I have tried both
> with and without apache forwarding requests and dont seem to see any
> difference. The problems seems to be something to do with zope3 taking
> time to initially respond.
> Any ideas where to look or how to optimise anyone?

Have you tried profiling that first request?

You could, e.g. easy_install profilehooks (http://mg.pov.lt/profilehooks) and
wrap the publish function with the @profile decorator, then hit ^C after
Zope 3 serves the first request.

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