Hi Nikolay,

This looks very complete and powerful, from a super quick glance.

I have a dream that the various Zope 2 + Zope 3 CMS efforts will get better at sharing components. Did you use/look at any of the plone.* components from Plone 3 (that work on Zope 3 also)? Do you think any parts of z3ext are useful in other systems?

z3ext.net is built with z3ext, you only need checkout z3ext.homesite package
  svn co https://z3ext.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/z3ext/z3ext.homesite/trunk 

I'm not entirely sure it's in everyone's interest to have something that looks so very much like Plone's out of the box look and feel that is not based on Plone at all (as I understand it) - least of all z3ext's, since it may get confused with Plone.

Is this just a theme for this one site, or is it the way that z3ext looks without customisation?


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