> This looks very complete and powerful, from a super quick glance.

I can give you manager role on so you can look closely on
management interface.

> I have a dream that the various Zope 2 + Zope 3 CMS efforts will get 
> better at sharing components. Did you use/look at any of the plone.* 
> components from Plone 3 (that work on Zope 3 also)? 
no. as i understand plone.* is UI related code for plone? i use
completely different patterns for UI building.

> Do you think any 
> parts of z3ext are useful in other systems?
yes, why not. for example z3ext.controlpanel powerful and easy to use 
configuration system
same for almost all other packages.

> > is built with z3ext, you only need checkout z3ext.homesite package
> >   svn co 
> > z3ext
> I'm not entirely sure it's in everyone's interest to have something that 
> looks so very much like Plone's out of the box look and feel that is not 
> based on Plone at all (as I understand it) - least of all z3ext's, since 
> it may get confused with Plone.
there was one reason, i'm not designer and plone looks very polished :)
but in general i agree without about confusion. maybe somebody will help
to make default skin not so plonish.

> Is this just a theme for this one site, or is it the way that z3ext 
> looks without customisation? is default skin without customization

recently i made for my firend,
actually he did this. this site created only with TTW customization.

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