Ronaldo Z. Afonso a écrit :
Hi there,

I'm trying to view the content of an object but it seems that my page
template gets nothing from ZODB. It's rendering the same way as if I was
seeing the page template from the file system (as I have no persistent
content). For example:
<h2 tal:content="context/name/title">recipe name goes here</h2>

is rendering to:

<h2>recipe name goes here</h2>

instead of:


How can I check the contents of ZODB? Just to make sure there is
contente in ZODB, and if there is some content, does anyone has any clue
about what is preventing my template from rendering the way it should?

Hi Ronaldo,

the last time I saw this behaviour, it was an omission or a wrong xmlns definition at the beginning of the template.

for example:

instead of


Thanks in advance ...

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