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Hi Herman
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Back to z3c.formwidget: What do you think should this package exactly contain:

- Only widgets?
- Combinations of schemas and widgets?
- Also schemas without widgets (like an Email schema that inherits from a TextLine and thus uses a TextWidget)?

The importest thing for me is that I don't have to use
packages that I don't need. This means we should use
for each package a own namespace like:

For me it's inacteptable to have more code installed at
a server the I need to. I really like to get rid of
this additional unneeded packages and dependencies.

The overall concept for eggs is all about explosion
and the component architecture supports this too.
Write monolitc packages which contains solutions for
everything is very bad since we use eggs. Small usfull
libraries are welcome.

I really like to get the memory usage for a single zope server below of 30 MB in the near future.

Hi Roger

Some thoughts on this topic (hoping this has not been already deeply discussed and concluded)

I see that what I called the "worst case" (1 egg per widget) is exactly what you would like to see. Actually I don't understand the reason, unless you're working on an embedded zope that must fit in a really small system, which is not the most common case. I don't see a problem in having some unused code. If this code is not import(ed) in python, or include(d) in zcml, it will not be used nor loaded in the memory (or am I wrong?) I find that having to wonder which tens of eggs to import and whether they really work with each others or not is more pain than just having fewer eggs, and searching inside them what they offer, while being sure they are consistent. I find it great to create an interface with several fields (all available in one egg), then to be able to have the system generate predefined forms automatically, without looking in the pypi for missing widgets. If some provided widget is not ok for my use, then I can search alternative widgets in separate eggs, or implement mine.

This is particularly true for newcomers, that don't know how (and why) components are separated, and must understand a whole lot of things before knowing they must seek a particular egg for the micro-feature they want.

Feature separation can be made at different levels: an egg contains several packages that contain several modules that contain several classes, and I think you will always have unused classes in a module, unused modules in a package and unused packages in an egg, unless there is one egg per class... What you really want is having control on what is eventually loaded. Isn't it already possible with zcml?

Or maybe all this would be easier with meta-eggs?


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