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> Hello, *
> How do you develop in zope 3?
> *) Is it the way the experienced zope developers work? How do you set the
> environment for a site or a package development?

I personally do it the old fashioned way: I downloaded the tarball, 
decompressed it and created a zope instance. This has some advantages, e.g. 
you have the Zope source code (which you urgently need to do Zope3 
development), you can put multiple applications on one instance and it's very 
simple to install (untar, make install, create instance).

I still have no deployment schema for my application, though, which is a major 

> *) I'm working in more than a package. I'm developing a blog, a user
> manager, etc. Should I create a new project for each package? How do I
> include in my site (under development) my packages (under development)?

Good question - I don't use zopeproject, but I'd recommend to split up your 
packages if it is possible. This way, you may easily reuse packages in other 
projects. For including your packages, there are two ways:

1) You create eggs out of your packages and install them.
2) You simply link them into your zope instance, as described below.

> *) What recipe do you use to fetch a package via svn?

I simply check out the required package and link it in the lib/python 
directory of my zope instance and add the required zcml-files in the 
package-includes directory. I do this the same for my packages.

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