Nate Lowrie wrote:
Long time python programmer.  New to Zope.  I want to use Zope 3's
component and interface libraries for a plugin system for a rather
complex Accounting/ERP program I am developing.  I was extremely
dismayed when I found absolutely no support for Python 2.5.

You're misinformed. Almost all of "Zope 3" works with Python 2.5. Specifically it sounds like you're interested in zope.interface and zope.component, both of which work fine with 2.5. For a project-by-project listing, see

What is
going on?  Python 2.5 has been released for almost a year now and
porting hasn't been done yet?

Almost all of the individual packages have been ported at this point. I'm not sure as to the status of RestrictedPython, but it doesn't sound like you want to use it anyway.
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