On Mar 27, 2008, at 11:51 PM, Georgy Berdyshev wrote:

Hello Zope developers and Zope community!

I am applying with "Zope 3 on Jython improvements" to Google Summer of Code.


It would be really a great help to receive some feedback on this
undertaking from
the community and also developers of Zope!

Then this is a good place to post. :) Although I suggest limiting the discussion to zope-dev.

Please have a look at the following thread on the Zope GSoC malinglist:

There aren't many details there, so it's hard to comment.

Some high-level comments:

- I suggest making porting C speed-ups a very low (non-existent) priority.

- I expect security proxies to be one of the greatest challenges. Maybe you can make them a low-priority by focussing initially on Zope 3 applications that don't use them, like grok.

- I'd be inclined to take a bottom-up approach. So, rather than trying to get the Zope 3 "application" (a.k.a. Zope-management interface, a.k.a Rotterdam skin, a.k.a zope.app.zcmlfiles) working, focus instead on zope.interface, zope.component, and zope.publisher. (Notice I didn't mention ZODB. :)

Are there wsgi servers for jython?


Jim Fulton
Zope Corporation

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