On Apr 1, 2008, at 12:33 PM, kevin gill wrote:
During my registration process I want to automatically login the user (in

I can see how to programatically logout a user using
ILogout().logout(request), but I don't see an equivalent for logging in.

I intend to use session cookies for tracking users.

The most straightforward way is to interact with the session- credentials extractor directly to get it to save credentials for you. Unfortunately, the session-credentials extractor doesn't provide an API to do this. This would be a worthy addition. We have an internal session-credential extractor that does this. I don't have time to work this into the version in zope.app.authentication, but if someone wants to work on this, I'd be happy to check my code into the sandbox for someone to work from. Note that it also stores sha-encoded credentials. The current credentials extractor stores plain-text passwords in the session data which is extremely lame.


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