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I would say it won't hurt if you flatten the namespace.
You might also try to add all required packages to the PYTHONPATH then
hopefully py2exe will find them.
Test it well, also with the exe built.

Thursday, April 3, 2008, 8:33:02 AM, you wrote:

MDF> I'm using zope3 packages inside a standalone application.
MDF> I've found references that the zca package tree can be used outside of
MDF> zope, but I'm using also zope.wfmc and related (including zodb3).

MDF> To be able to build an exe file with py2exe I've flattened the namespace
MDF> of the packages I'm using, by copying them in my app folder recreating a
MDF> single zope namespace (py2exe doesn't support namespaces yet).

MDF> Is this kind of unusual zope3 packages use possible, or am I going to 
MDF> have trouble with it being totally unsupported?

MDF> Please note that I'm not yet a zope3 expert and I didn't run tests on 
MDF> this setup, but it seems to work.

MDF> Thanks
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