I think the problem you are having is that buildout Is not installed on your system. I'm not sure what the buildout bootstrap command does but I imagine it is a replacement for the bootstrap.py script. Personally, I think bootstrap.py should be used when it is available.

I like your suggested changes and I'd like to add some more. It would be really cool if bsquare could see that buildout.cfg is using "develop" packages and somehow how check the develop packages out automatically. It would also be nice to parse the dependencies of a package and rebuild it whenever a dependency is rebuilt. Finally my last wish is that bsquare can be used without installing buildbot or twisted on the system. That would mean depending on buildbot and zope.app.twisted and adding console script entry points for the relevant command line scripts they provide. I've been meaning to make some of these changes in pcardune-setup branch but haven't had a lot of time.

- Paul

On Apr 3, 2008, at 3:39 AM, Adam GROSZER <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:


I'm trying to setup a buildbot here for our buildout based packages.

What I don't get is, how that works:
               command='buildout bootstrap .',

We used to issue "python2.4 bootstrap.py",
"buildout bootstrap ." gives an error, unless I'm missing something.

Also, I'd propose some enhancements too:

-def configure(svn_url, http_port=8010, allowForce=False):
+def configure(svn_url, svnuser=None, svnpasswd=None, http_port=8010,allowForce=False, poller=None):
   """Creates a buildout master configuration.

The configuration returned is almost functional. You just need to add

   c = {}
   c['slavePortnum'] = 8989
- c['change_source'] = SVNPoller(svn_url, split_file=split_file, pollinterval=30)
+    if poller:
+         c['change_source'] = poller
+    else:
+ c['change_source'] = SVNPoller(svn_url, svnuser=svnsuer, svnpasswd=svnpasswd, split_file=split_file, pollinterval=30)

Christian, opinions? Where to make those changes?

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