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I'm wondering what's a nice way to deal with (server-side) validation
of a form composed of multiple viewlets.
I don't think I really want to move to a full-featured forms framework
yet, they all seem a little overly complex to me.

In the viewlet code, the obvious thing to do would be to raise an
exception in its update() method if there's a problem, otherwise save
the data or whatever.
This is what Philip does in his worldcookery viewlet examples.

But this means you only ever see the first error. In order to show the
user *all* the validation errors at once, something (the viewlet
manager?) would have to catch those exceptions.
And having done that, we would need to explicitly abort the
transaction. I'm not sure the best place to do that.

I could just poke around until I get something working, but I was
hoping somebody here would already have a nice example I can look at.
Should I just get used to the idea of using z3c.form or some such?

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