In the zopeproject instructions for adding dependencies the indication
is that (once the egg is installed) I would just have to add it to the

But ...
  <!-- Add your own component registrations here -->     
    <include package="z3c.formdemo" />

yields this configuration error:
    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File
 line 11.2-11.29
    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File
 line 22.2
    ConfigurationError: ('Unknown directive',
u'', u'zrt-resource')

I looks like zrt-resource and everything else that z3c.formdemo needs is
defined in application.zcml but is not it isn't registered in
z3c.formdemo/configure.zcml So now I added it to my

  <!-- Add your own component registrations here -->     
    <include package="z3c.formdemo" file="application.zcml"/>
    <include package="z3c.formdemo" />

 line 23.2-23.47
        <browser:menu id="zmi_views" title="Views" />
 line 5.2-9.8
            description="Menu for displaying alternate representations
of an object"

So by now I am certain that there is something very fundamental about
this third-party registration process that I don't understand.  

Any help is appreciated.


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