I've been using viewlets for a couple of projects, and have found them very useful and a very good fit with the CA. Unfortunately I am failing to understand how they're meant to work with regards to the update/render pattern. According to the zope.contentprovider interface specifications:

- the update method should update persistent objects based on the request. It should not store state about persistent objects. - the render method should then return HTML based on the state of persistent objects

Which is fine providing all content providers have their update methods called and then their render methods called. But using the tal:provider expression just calls the update and then render methods on one content provider, and then moves on to the next one. The expression implementation's docstring says: "If you want to implement interdependent content providers, you need to consider a TAL- independent view implementation that will complete all content providers' stage one before rendering any of them."

Does a TAL-independent view implementation exist? What do other people using viewlets do?

Until now I've been issuing a redirect after any update to persistent objects. I've also been abusing the update method for calculating values for the template. I'll stop that now!

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