andrew wrote:
Is it possible to modify the default behaviour of zope.publisher somehow
when handling exceptions ? For instance, I want to log all the details
of the exception when one occurs instead of the very unhelpful little
default message returned by the

I'm not sure the request's handleException method is even used directly the publisher. What I do know is that zope.publisher.publish.publish() calls the publication's handleException method. The publication is the actual "app server", it defines how to do traversal, how to do security, and how to handle exceptions. The default publication looks up an error reporting utility which remembers exceptions so you can look at them through-the-web. It also has some code to log to a logger, I think.

Anyway, the way to go is either to provide a custom error reporting utility (locally, that is) or to implement a custom publication with a custom handleException method.

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