I'm using z3c.form in Plone via plone.z3cform. The z3c.form documentation is very good and very detailed, but I must admit to getting a bit lost in all of it. :)

To that end, I have a few questions. I'm creating a pair of add- and edit forms for a content item:

- I've created a few buttons with @button.buttonAndHandler(). However, I need to set a different CSS class for each button. What's the easiest way to do that?

- Some fields on the form are provided by the content item. Others can come from other schemata. There will be adapters from the context to these interfaces. How do it up so that z3c.form uses the appropriate adapter to read and write values, including in the add form?

- I'd like to group widgets together into fieldsets. A fieldset may contain widgets from multiple interfaces. All fieldsets will be on the same form, in different <fieldset /> tags. Should I look to use groups for this? Subforms? Or something else?

That's it for now.


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