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> So once I remove all those characters I can get back to the task at
> hand.  

Hmmmm, well those characters were a problem.  However, I still get the  
 line 165, in _validate
    raise WrongType(value, self._type)
(<openehr.rm.datastructures.itemstructure.itemtree.ItemTree object at
0x7f72c659b5d0>, <type 'unicode'>)


It occurs at the point where the ItemTree object is assigned to
Activity.description.  The ItemTree.items attribute is a List. Printed
it looks like this:

[(['include', ([(['archetype_id/value', (['/disposition\\.v1draft/'],
{})], {})], {})], {})] <type 'list'>

All of my source files have the unicode declaration:
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-  as the first line. 

Do those strings inside the list have to be marked as unicode? for
[([u'include', ([([u'archetype_id/value', ([u'/disposition\\.v1draft/'],
{})], {})], {})], {})]

If so; if I remove the unicode declaration will that prevent this error?


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