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So once I remove all those characters I can get back to the task at

Hmmmm, well those characters were a problem. However, I still get the File
 line 165, in _validate
    raise WrongType(value, self._type)
(<openehr.rm.datastructures.itemstructure.itemtree.ItemTree object at
0x7f72c659b5d0>, <type 'unicode'>)


It occurs at the point where the ItemTree object is assigned to
Activity.description.  The ItemTree.items attribute is a List.

What does ItemTree.items field have to do with Activity.description field? I thought we're talking about the Object(schema=IItemTree) field inside IActivity here?

Printed it looks like this:

[(['include', ([(['archetype_id/value', (['/disposition\\.v1draft/'],
{})], {})], {})], {})] <type 'list'>

As you correctly stated in your own reply, this doesn't comply with the List() field. The List() field expects a list object with a bunch of unicode values in it, e.g.: [u'text', u'more text', ...].

All of my source files have the unicode declaration:
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*- as the first line.

That's not a unicode declaration, that's just the source code encoding. It has nothing to do with whether your objects are unicode or not.

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