Hi all,

I am looking for some guidance on a particular issue I am having. I
don't think it is a bug, I think it's merely a lack of understanding
on my behalf.

I have started developing a Zope3 application, I created a virtualenv
and then used zopeproject to create the skeleton of my application. I
then checked all of that into subversion so that another developer
could check out the app and run a buildout and setup their own
environment with the packages they need.

The issue I am having is that when buildout runs, it installs all of
the eggs I need into site-packages, however the easy_install.pth file
is not updated with references to these. This means that when I launch
the python interpreter, the packages which have been installed by
buildout are not visible. The [project]-ctl and [project]-debug
scripts to start zope are configured with the correct links to these
packages however.

For example, if I fire up python2.4 after running a fresh buildout,
and try the following I get an import error:
"from persistent import Persistent"

How can I make sure that buildout installs dependencies for the whole
virtualenv and not just for the zope instance?

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