Hi garz, Stephan, Paul

> Betreff: [Zope3-Users] subform support for z3c.form
> hi,
> after i didnt like the way z3c.formdemo-package solved the 
> subform problem by using sessions, i decided to write a 
> package that supports subforms that are able to extract the 
> needed information from the request. since all the needed 
> information is in the request, a session is not needed. if 
> the community is interested, id like to share it with the 
> rest, because i also benefit from packages wrote by others. 
> here is the doctest that show you how this package works:


Good work, that looks very interesting!

Can you add a branch where we can play with at svn.zope.org?
Or do you have somewhere a public checkout available?

I whould like to keep an eye on the code and checkout
if we can include that into the z3c.form package.

Roger Ineichen

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