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> Betreff: Re: AW: [Zope3-Users] subform support for z3c.form


> ok, i created a new repository now, because i'm not able to 
> create a new branch at svn.zope.org respective im too dumb, 
> even after i read all those svn related documents. :D i dont 
> think that i have write access there, as far as i understood that.
> here is the repository with semi-public access:
> https://sg-dev.de/svn/z3c/
> login: ...
> pw: ...

I check it out and I need to take some serious time to 
review and think about it. The good thing is that I need 
a subform concept for one of my projects. I'll compare
it with the existing implementation early next week
and give you some feedback.

Do you think this should be a own package e.g. 
z3c.subform or should we integrate it in
z3c.form. As far as I can see we should integrate 
this in z3c.form. I'll take a look at that and 
talk to srichter about the additional subFields etc.
arguments in the SubFormMixin class. Probably we
can find a way to integrate your implementation.

I think you should get commiter access to the zope repos. 
Your understanding of the z3c.form internals looks 
very good. Can you contact Jim Fulton (jim*zope.com) and 
ask for access and send him the contributer agreement? 

Take a look at this page for more info:

Roger Ineichen

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