On Thursday 17 July 2008, garz wrote:
> 2.) Expand the z3c.form.form-forms but leave the pagelet-pattern, as it is
> implemented in the z3c.subform.form-forms, out. There wont be any
> backwards-compatibility issues, since z3c.subform only adds the
> "subFields"-Attribute and if that is keept empty, there wont be a
> "subForms"-Attribute neither and everything stays the same.

I had only time to quickly review the code, but I absolutely hate the idea of 
a "subFields" attribute. ;-) That just seems very hacky to me.

Having said that, I have not looked at the code carefully enough to see the 
motivation and see whether there is an alternative to that approach still 
fulfilling your original design goals.

BTW, have you looked at groups in z3c.form at all? They seem to come a little 
closer to what you are looking for, I think.

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