On Thursday 17 July 2008, garz wrote:
> a.) Do a standalone subform-package and have it all included in one place.

> b.) Do a complete integration with pagelet-patterned forms in z3c.form and
> have it on one place too, but having two variations of the same
> form-classes in one package, which might be confusing too.


> c.) Do a partial integration in z3c.form package without the
> pagelet-patterned forms and create a z3c.subform-package that holds those
> forms separatly. Create pagelet-free subform-forms and include them in
> z3c.subform-module. Problem here is the already existing EditSubForm,
> regarding the already taken
> name that can be overtaken since backwards-compatibility should be an issue
> here (but maybe not, didnt thought about that).

BTW, I am not concerned with backward-compatibility as much as with a clean 

> d.) Relaunch z3c.form and include pagelet-package, template-package,
> formui-package and subform-package, or just the last one.

I don't get this. Currently z3c.form does not depend on pagelets and I want it 
to stay this way. You can consider this an edict.

BTW, I am not trying to belittle your work. I think it is very interesting and 
the design goals are noble ones. If I would not like it, I would not bother 
to respond.

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