Le dimanche 27 juillet 2008 à 15:15 -0300, Tim Cook a écrit :
> Hi All,
> Another basic question but I can't seem to find the easy way to do this.
> I have a group of instances stored in the ZODB.  They are basically
> skeletons that I want to copy, edit and store as new instances elsewhere
> in the ZODB.  In Zope2.x this was fairly obvious to me.  Using the ZCA
> it isn't so obvious.  Is there a class I should be inheriting from to do
> this or do I need to provide a copy method in the class itself?  
> If the later; are there any good examples?


Have a look at "zope.copypastemove" package interfaces and classes ;
they should provide the simple functions you are looking for...


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