Hi all,

I'm working my way through Philipp von Weitershausen's - 'Web
Component Development with Zope 3'. I don't usually find these types
of book to be that well written or useful, but this one is proving to
be very good.

However, in the final chapters Philipp starts leaving certain tasks up
to the user..... which is where I'm falling over!

I'm at the end of Chapter 22.3 - 'Managing principals with
authenticator plug-ins'. Page 421 says 'Then we only have to
reconfigure our session / cookie credentials plug-in, or any other
IBrowserFormChallenger Plug-in to redirect to wclogin.html, instead of
zope's standard form'.

- How do I do this? Try as I might, I always get the browser pop-up
- Also, within the ZMI I now have two types of PAU Credentials plugins
marked 'in contents' and 'a utility' .... whats the difference?
- Lastly, can PAU's be set up programmatically, via zope app
generations or similar?


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