Hi, people!

In the OrederedSelectWidget's input template there's a little bug in options
displaying. Options (for selectedItems and notSelectedItems) are displayed
using expression like this (simplified):

<option tal:content="entry/content" />

Which will result in calling entry['content'] if it is callable, which is
true (for example) for the standard zope's "Content Types" vocabulary from
zope.app.content, because by default the term.value is used for the
"content" and then, if the term provides ITitleTokenizedTerm it is replaced
with translated term.title. But in the "Content Types" vocabulary, terms are
not titled, so term.value is used, which is some Interface subclass and
which is callable.

So, as far as I understand, to fix little issue, we need to add the "nocall"
modifier in the template, so option expression will look like this

<option tal:content="nocall:entry/content" />


PS Is there any bug tracking system for z3c.form package (like zope's
general one on launchpad)?

WBR, Dan Korostelev
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