andrew wrote:
> from z3c.layer.pagelet import IPageletBrowserLayer
> from z3c.form.interfaces import IFormLayer
> from z3c.formui.interfaces import IDivFormLayer
> from z3c.formui.interfaces import ITableFormLayer
> class IVortexBrowserLayer(IFormLayer, IPageletBrowserLayer):
>     pass
> class IVortexBrowserSkin(ITableFormLayer, IVortexBrowserLayer):
>     pass
> However, I've now created a second skin for the application but I want
> to have all the views, resources, etc., that have been registered
> to ´╗┐IVortexBrowserLayer to be available to this new skin without having
> to modify a lot of existing code. I can understand the old approach:
> <skin name="blah" layers="layer1 layer2"/>
> where you can acquire resources from a hierarchy of layers, but how do I
> do this with the interface approach ?

Just the same. Just have your second skin extend IVortexBrowserLayer as 

   class IVortexSecondSkin(IVortexBrowserLayer, <more-layers-here>):

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