Hello, i'm now trying to learn Zope3 by reading Weitershausen's book 'Web
Component Development with Zope 3' and i'm getting very confused with how he
implements the webcookery app in the book. Namely the book teaches you to
personalize the ZMI for our application (worldcookery), but why is this
necessary? I think my webapps should not inherit anything from the ZMI,
which I think is intended to manage the zope instance and not to be the
interface for my apps. When I develope apps I'll probably will provide
diferent layouts for each app (that means different skins and page
templates), the users database will not be the same, etc., but in the way it
is teached in this book this would not be possible, because the book
transmits that one zope instance should be used for one app. I finished the
chapter 10 'Customizing a Site's layout' but I took a look at the beginning
of chapter 18 and there's told that 'A Zope instance is typically used to
serve one particular web application. Of course, one instance can serve
different web sites that offer the same application..'
What i'm doing wrong? Is correct what the book says about the one to one
correspondence of apps and zope instances?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

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