What is the canonical way to do search-based sources/vocabularies? In 
particular, I want to use them with z3c.form.

In zope.schema, I see mention of an ISourceQueriables. I also see these 
in zope.app.form, but not in z3c.form. I'm also not quite sure I 
understand how these work.

In z3c.formwidget.query, we've got a specialisation of 
IVocabularyTokenized that adds a search() method. This is certainly 
useful, if a bit non-standard. :-/

Furthermore, from what I can tell from the interfaces in zope.schema, 
it's not possible to have a source that can be tokenised, but cannot be 
iterated over. I may've misunderstood tokens, but my understanding was 
that in order to safely pass strings back and forth to the browser 
whilst still supporting values of arbitrary types, we need tokens. A 
search-based source will almost certainly not be iterable, though.


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