Stephan Richter wrote:
> On Thursday 28 August 2008, Martin Aspeli wrote:
>> Has anyone written or thought about an adapter/bridge between formlib
>> and z3c.form widgets?
> Not that I know of. But I think it might be hard to do due to the different 
> definitions of what a widget and a field is. On the other hand, I might be 
> wrong. If someone develops such a bridge, I would add it to z3c.form as an 
> optional feature.

I've only briefly looked at it, but I think it may be possible. Can you 
be a more specific about how you think their definitions matter?

My idea was to write a widget factory that attempts to adapt a widget to a z3c.form.interfaces.IWidget or one of its 
specialisations. If the widget had enough information to render itself, 
then so long as it got the right request through, I would hope that it'd 
return a value.

We may not get all the bells and whistles here - things like value 
adapters and custom data converters may be out. For most widgets, that 
may not be necessary, though.

> BTW, it would be a bridge from widgets to z3c.form ones. 
> zope.formlib does not define its own widgets.

Right, sorry.


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