I am having difficulty understanding this error.

It occurs in the call:
 ontObj.parentArchetype = ObjectRef(oid,u'openehr',u'ARCHETYPE')

The first parameter for ObjectRef is declared in the schema as:

    refId = Object(
        title = _(u'Id'),
        description = _(u'Globally unique id of an object (of type
ObjectId), regardless of where it is stored.'),
        required = True

If I print the parameter 'oid' it does correctly report:
<oship.openehr.rm.support.identification.objectid.ObjectId object at

the other two parameters for ObjectRef are declared as TextLines.

The traceback is:
zope.schema.interfaces.WrongContainedType: [, []] 

What I do not understand is how to interpret the [, []] 
I'm not passing a list nor is the schema using a list.

I realize that this may be pretty basic but I am missing something in
reading the error.


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