On Thu, Oct 09, 2008 at 02:56:16AM -0300, Tim Cook wrote:
> What are your thoughts on the best way to implement the configure.zcml
> files for this application framework?
> The framework is a nested structure up to five levels deep in places of
> approximately 150 classes. 
> Would it be better/more efficient to create a configure.zcml in each
> package or just one at the top level?  

A configure.zcml in each package is the norm.  (If one gets too big to
comprehend, it is often split into several smaller ones by topic, e.g.
feature1.zcml, feature2.zcml or browser.zcml, security.zcml, etc.)

> Another design decision is that this is a framework for application
> developers and probably 99% of them will have no previous Zope
> experience.  So teaching them how to setup zcml for their own security
> declarations etc will be an issue as well.

Have you considered Grok?

Marius Gedminas
After having done some test using hi-tech istruments (moving my mouse
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