Hermann Himmelbauer wrote:
> Hi,
> It seems that buildout is broken:
> A "bin/buildout" fetched some new packages, especially:
> zope.app.component-3.5.0
> The previous version was:
> zope.app.component-3.4.1
> The problem is, that a file, called "back35" is missing in 
> zope.app.component-3.5.0 which is, however, imported/needed in several other 
> files, e.g. in zope.app.form.browser.metadirectives.py:

Right. back35.py contained backwards compatibility code so it was 
removed. Other packages were updated but not all of them were released 
immediately. I've now released the rest of the packages that were affected.

> from zope.app.component.back35 import LayerField
> Ist there anything I can do about this?

As the others suggested already, always pin all of your dependencies' 
versions, for instance using the KGS.

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