Hi there !

  i m a plone third products developper at Makina-Corpus. I would like to 
switch to Zope3 for many reasons. I m impressed by the quality of the code 
compare to the documentation on http://wiki.zope.org/zope3.

  I would like to understand why the zope 3.4 has not been release (wiki says 
Zope 3.4 final: 2007-09-02). The worst is i don't find any roadmap about each 

  I will start a zope3 code generator using the bests components availables, 
and i would like to contribute to help make zope3 a bit more famous and used. 

I think zope3 need more documentations (install, status, roadmap, how to , 
...) grok is better on that point, but i want to work on zope3 level. How can 
i help ? Where can i publish this documentation ?

Makina Corpus

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