I quite often have Choice schema fields in my applications. In many cases, 
these choice fields should have fixed values, thus I do it like this:

color = Choice( title=u"Color", values=['red', 'green', 'yellow'])

My application then uses the these values for further processing, e.g.:

if color == 'red': stop_traffic()

The problem is, that often it is more appropriate to have one value for 
display, and another for internal processing (e.g. when msgid strings are 
involved, when the program needs specific values etc.)

The only way I found is to set up a vocabulary and use 
SimpleVocabulary.createTerm(key, n, name), however, that's quite tedious, as 
I need to write quite some code, register the vocabulary etc.

So, perhaps there's a simpler solution? I'd favour something like this:

color = Choice(titel=u"Color", values = [('red', 0, u"Red"), ('green', 1, 

Is that possible?

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