Hi Thierry,

I've implemented ore.alchemy which utilizes sqlalchemy to create zope3 
schemas from sqlalchemy definitions in an application which runs on zope 
2.10.5, but it should work just as easily on zope 3.  You  should 
definitely give it a look.

Francois Lubbe

Thierry Florac wrote:
> Hi,
> I currently have to integrate an SQL database (PostgreSQL, with PostGIS
> extensions) into my Zope3 application.
> I'd like to use SQLAlchemy to handle this, and I've seen that several
> packages are available : z3c.zalchemy, z3c.sqlalchemy,
> zope.sqlalchemy...
> So my questions are simple :
>  - what package is the best to plug into my Zope (3.3.1) application ?
>  - do all these packages handle the same features ??
> Thanks for any information,
>   Thierry Florac

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