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2008/12/21 Alek <>:
> For some time, I have a bad, worrisome feeling that Zope3 development pace
> has slew down.
> Today looked to zope wiki and discovered that there are virtually no new
> articles. I've also found that last release is almost one year old and zope
> 3.4.0c0 is not even a real release, but a release candidate. Someone would
> say: hey, but maybe the development has just been decentralized? Zope 3.4 is
> the first eggified release, so maybe the development just moved to eggs
> (z3c.* and others).
> But I digged deeper and searched for some stats of Zope3-Users traffic,
> thanks to google. What I found I have published on a chart at
> The traffic is at least
> half lower in 2008 than in 2007.
> Maybe the traffic moved somewhere else - to Wiki? This hypothesis haven't
> worked: I looked to zope 3 wiki and:
> the last new topic is 3 months old
> last month there is one edit of a topic
> After July 2008 there was not a one month with more than 5 edits.
> To summarize: It seems that zope3 development and engegement have been
> stalled for over half a year.
> Any thoughts? Have I missed some switch to other communication channels? Or
> maybe grok really took away all hearts and souls?
> What are the causes of the slowdown? Or maybe I just misinterpret the
> symptoms?
> Warm Regards,
> Alek
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