Hi Folks,

I have either stumbled on a storage leak in the ZODB, or I am missing
something in my understanding of registration.

Briefly, if I add a folder to the ZODB, make it a site, then unregister it,
delete it and pack the ZODB, I see the ZODB increase in size.Each time I run
the tests, the ZODB keeps growing (by about 7KB). I restarted the ZODB to
see if it would help, but no!

Here are my exact steps:

1. add a Folder
2. make a the folder a site.
3. register the folder (unnamed utility of type ISite)
4. remove the registration from the "registrations" tab.
5. delete the folder.
6. pack the ZODB.

I have also attached a selenium test that performs all of this.
open /++skin++Rotterdam/@@contents.html
clickAndWait link=Folder
type focusid Folder-1
clickAndWait //inp...@value="Apply"]
clickAndWait link=Folder-1
clickAndWait link=Make a site
clickAndWait link=Folder-1
clickAndWait link=Registration
clickAndWait //inp...@value='Register this object']
clickAndWait field.actions.register
clickAndWait link=[top]
clickAndWait link=Folder-1
clickAndWait link=Manage Site
clickAndWait link=Registrations
clickAndWait deactivate
clickAndWait link=[top]
click Folder-1
clickAndWait container_delete_button
clickAndWait link=[top]
clickAndWait link=Manage Process
clickAndWait link=ZODB Control
click dbs:list
clickAndWait PACK
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