now that I have registered the PAU, I also want to add a removal part.

The creation part was this:

    def RenderRunOutput(self):
        """ Do the setup and output the result. """
        # Check for existing install        
        site = getSite()
        sm = site.getSiteManager()
        if sm.has_key('authentication'):
            return "Site is already set up"
        # Run istallation of pluggable authentication
        pau = PluggableAuthentication()
        sm['authentication'] = pau
        sm.registerUtility(pau, IAuthentication)
        users = PrincipalFolder()
        sm['authentication']['Users'] = users
        sm.registerUtility(users, IAuthenticatorPlugin, name="Users")
        pau.authenticatorPlugins = (users.__name__, )
        pau.credentialsPlugins = ( "No Challenge if Authenticated", 
                                   "Session Credentials" )
        return "Setup sucessfully ran!"

Now I try to do the following:


    def RenderRemoveOutput(self):
        """ Remove the PAU. """

        site = getSite()
        sm = site.getSiteManager()
        sm.unregisterUtility(sm['authentication'], IAuthentication)
        return "to be removed"


This runs, but the utility does not disappear. 
So, how can I make it go away?

Sebastian Bartos, <seth.kriti...@googlemail.com>
keyserevr: pgp.mit.edu

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