Hi Mihamina
> Betreff: Re: [Zope3-Users] Are we following the flow (Python 3)
> Roger Ineichen wrote:
> > The biggest problem I see with this refactoring is the 
> opposition from 
> > developers which like to stay with an older python version because 
> > they don't have time to update their projects.
> ... or have clients that dont want topay again.

This is always a pain. Some of this old projects do really hurt
me and cost me a lot of time to support it.

More important to me is that we have options. Probably there are
some reasons that we do not start with Python 3.0. But cusomers
or existing projects should not be a reason for getting delayed.
Otherwise there is never the right time to start a refactoring.

> > That's normaly the biggest problem in our community.
> It's a big problem anywhere.

I hope this will become better if all of us start using KGS!

I didn't say we should start the refactoring today or tomrrow.
But it whould be a good idea to talk about this painfull piece
of work. My personal wish is to see some dicussion about how
we do it instead of if we should do it now or later.

Roger Ineichen

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